All Self.

NIKE, I got a DOPE idea for you and your Jordan Brand “Remastering”…

See pic above.

-You’re Welcome.

Everytime I hit downtown, I check this Box on Mercer St.

It’s forever changing… Typical NYC.

Bye Bye Summer…

Flashy Red Slacks are going into Hibernation, until next Summer.

The Kostons stay out though.

The Closing of Pearl Paint

NYC is Dying very slowly…

Canal St, Chinatown

Cobblestone Wave

Downtown, Manhattan

Converse All Star Chuck 70’s

Seriously, one day walking the Oceanfront turned my Chucks Vintage instantly. Rubber turned yellow just as shown.  

I really don’t like this pic, but I figure I share anyways. 

Sometimes you get a pass shooting street. So you can say I’m paying homage to the greats, with the slight blur.

Fashion Ave, NYC

Just messing around with the XE-2 and Fujifilm colors… Velvia, I think..

The new Shooter.

To Be Continued…

Lady in Red on a Schwinn, with Shelltoe Adidas… Only in NYC.

Village… Somewhere.

This pic is kinda the expression I have over my camera system.

It’s the Last stop of the 7 train line at Times Square. Since I recently purchased a Fuji XE-2, it’s kinda like the last stop for my Micro Four Thirds system.

As a M43 user, I always knew there was a compromise: Camera size over Image Quality. Same reason I left my Canon DSLR for M43, Size and the fact that I could and did carry my M43 camera with me everyday.

But man, parting with my Canon 6D and looking at the files it gave me, made my decision a tough one. Enter Fujifilm.

With it’s APS-C sensor, I can gain some Image Quality, yet still maintain a smaller than DSLR system.

Time will tell… This may be the last stop for the 7 train, but they are extending the line.

Stay tuned and I hope y’all enjoy the pics coming soon.

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce