All Self.

I’m bumping “Break ‘Em” while I type this…

You Bitch Ass N!&&@5… Your Bitch Assery got NYC Hip-Hop Fucked up. These A&R’s got everybody in the hood thinking “Drink Neuvo”, wear True Religion, Follow and try to emulate what’s coming out from the South and worse of it all, be mainstream, sell out and go POP. 

Because of that, NYC has lost it’s identity, The music that put us on top isn’t there anymore. The “Boom Bap” is now “Bap tap-tap” Club/radio friendly. DJ’s on our airwaves that used to play Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep and Boot Camp resort to Wacka Flocka and Rick Ross and got everybody’s minds clouded like “This is the Shit.”

Fuck. That.

That’s why NYC Hip-Hop is nearly extinct. We’re not reporting what’s going down on the streets anymore, because we’re more concerned about being in the club, buying overpriced liquor and rocking shit that would’ve been forbidden back a few years.

We’re not in the garage making raw beats, we’re making shit that’s gonna get airplay. The same motherfucker that’s talking about how “Hard” he is and true to the streets Favorite rapper is Rick Ross, a former Corrections Officer and Blatant Liar. -Yeah, he was the same dude giving your “True to the Streets” ass a hard time in prison. -Now he’s spooning your Dumb ass Lies and dreams.

Honestly, I was gonna write a small review for M.O.P.’s new Album “SPARTA”, produced by a group of producers out of Germany, Snowgoons, but Just listening to the tracks got me thinking about NYC and how we just dumped real Hip-Hop for this Mainstream Bullshit. 

I’m sure if Malcom X was alive, He’d call out all of the DJ’s on NYC radio “A Bunch of Bitches and Devils”.

Anyways, back to the Album, It’s a shame that the production on this album is solely done by a group of Germans, but it’s a Blessing, because AT LEAST SOMEBODY CARES ABOUT REAL HIP HOP IN THE WORLD.  -You listen to “Get Yours” and you’d swear by listening to the Baseline, You’d think that this was some hungry cat outta Brooklyn put this together.

The Title Track “Sparta” with the eerie piano keys is a great starting track with M.O.P.’s signature crew chants and Homie yelling This Is SPARTA!” from the movie 300. “Back at it” has a “Rocky” vibe to it, not one of my faves on this album, but the lyrics are on point as usual.

My minor gripes with the album is the “Force” of the lyrics aren’t like previous albums. I didn’t get that feeling of “Oh my Gosh, This must be The BLOCK!!” with a few tracks, But some of the tracks have a “Story” Vibe to it, so I guess every track can’t be fearing, if you know what I mean.

Also, it’s only 10 tracks, but It’s not too bad, it’s a listen to all tracks, no skipping, then it’s over, -Repeat.

Seriously, COP THIS SHIT.

Amazon got it on the cheap

or get it from iTunes. Either or, cop that, don’t bootleg it!


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